Lonely More "Kill" Than Obesity

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Title : Lonely More "Kill" Than Obesity
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Lonely More "Kill" Than Obesity
Be careful if your often feel lonely. It's best to hurry to find friends to hang out, because loneliness has a very bad impact on health. Experts say that the loneliness felt by someone will be more dangerous and deadlier than obesity. A revie of the study of loneliness said that people who have poor social relations have a risk of up to 50 percents of premature deaths than those who have good social relations.

Researchers from the United States  found that social isolation increases a person's risk of death by 50 percents. The risk is greater than obesity, which only increases the risk of death by 30 percents.

According to dr. Julianne Holt Lunstand, professor of psychology from the University of Brigham Young said that establishing relationships with others be broadly socially considered a basic human need, which is important for welfare and survival.
Source : New York Post.

Most of them never talk to someone about their feelings. Lunstand said that there was strong evidence that social isolation and loneliness significantly increased the risk of premature death, and the magnitude of the risk was greater than other health indicators. Lunstand suggests people can overcome loneliness by increasing social skills.

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