The Secret of How Vegetables Like Cabbage Can Prevent Cancer

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Title : The Secret of How Vegetables Like Cabbage Can Prevent Cancer
Link : The Secret of How Vegetables Like Cabbage Can Prevent Cancer

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The Secret of How Vegetables Like Cabbage Can Prevent Cancer
Green vegetables are good for digestive health, this has never been doubted even though researchers have not been able to ascertain the details of how it works. Now lately, researchers froom the Francis Crick Institute have identified anti-cancer chemicals in cabbage vegetables.

Published in the Journal Immunity, researcher dr. Gitta Stockinger said that a specific substance called indole-3-carbinol is produced when vegetables are digested in the stomach. With the help of stomach acid, the substance will interact with cells in the gastrointestinal wall.

As is known that every cell in the human body regenerates by dividing. This cell division process is mandatory to be monitored because if it becomes wild uncontrolled it is called cancer.

In test on rats, indole-3-carbinol showed its ability to influence cell properties in the digestive wall. Even in mice with a genetically high risk of cancer, indole-3-carbinol can keep cells in a controlled division.

"A lot of dietary suggestions that we often hear change over and over, so it is not clear what causes and the concequences," Gitta said as quoted by the BBC.

"Just telling me what's good to eat for no reason won't make me start eating it. With this study, we managed to uncover the molecular mechanism of how the vegetable diet works," he continued.

Gitta suggests that if you want to start eating vegetables, try not to cook too long. The goal is that the vegetables are still fresh, not losing too much nutrition.

Thus Information About Cabbage Can Prevent Cancer
Thank you for reading this article, hopefully information about cabbage vegetables can prevent cancer, can be useful and increase our knowledge about health, especially about cancer. The article you are reading is titled, The Secret of Cabbage Vegetables Can Prevent Cancer. this article link is

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